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Ken Flanagan is a self taught artist that has lived in New York, Florida, Japan, The Philippines, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Ohio and Nevada.  

After spending many glorious years raising his two sons, he began to paint. Initially, he concentrated on local landmarks as his inspiration. He became more and more involved with architectural subjects.

He decided, due to a passion for all sports, to create a series of large scale, black and white portraits of some of the greatest of each major sport. After completion of the first two, he realized that they seemed too sterile. He opted to strategically place color in the painting. As he created what was to be a "color photo" placed over the one eye of the portrait, he realized that it gave the viewer a window to the soul of the iconic sports figures. We too often see our heroes/icons as impersonal and distant. This small amount of color in a stark black and white environment created that entrance to their humanity.

He chose to title the series of paintings "iconography" due to the fact that he was manipulating the image for a deeper reason. 

After completion of the initial series, Ken decided to take it a step further and commemorate his favorite and most iconic Artists. That lead to even more evolution in the "iconography series III" by using the color in sometimes comical and sometimes ironic ways.

More of his current art is very colorful and deep meaning. Portraits of his sons and a homage to his Fathers military service is indicative of his new direction.

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