iconography series III

My iconography series (III) began in 2018, and continues today, with stark black and white images of our most prized icons and personalities with use of color to enhance or exaggerate their traits and trademarks. Sometimes serious, sometimes playful and often ironic.

"lennon"     30x40"

mccartney"     30x40"

"williams"     24x30"

"phelps"    24x30"

"jobs"     24x30"

"lee b"    24x30"

"dangerfield"     24x30"

"armstrong"     24x30"

"armstrong"     24x30"

"einstien"                 24x30"

"starr"     30x40"

"harrison"     30x40"

"king s"      24x30"

"hitchcock"     24x30"

"earhart"     24x30"

"presley"     24x30"

"ball"     24x30"

"jackson"     24x30"

"hawking"                         24x30"

"monroe"               3626"/2018

"sinatra"                   30x40"/2018

"einstein one"                                         30x40"/2018

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